inductive hardening

Induction hardening is a very economical form of surface hardening. Induction hardening is used in many industries, such as the automotive industry, tool making and agricultural machinery. Adapted to your requirements, there are several series of induction hardening systems available for inductive hardening for workpieces with large quantities or as universal hardening machines for a wide variety of components. Contact us to find the right system for your application.

Do you have no time or no staff to induce hardening yourself? Or you cannot fully utilize your own hardening machine? How about if we support by doing service hardening for you?

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inductive brazing

With induction brazing, the area to be brazed is heated inductively. After cooling, a firm connection is created. Working precisely enables you to achieve a high level of repeatability and process reliability. You can also inductively braze hard-to-reach places. To avoid scale oxid, the brazing process can take place under protective gas.

In order to find the right brazing system for you, the focus is on the process, which is entirely based on your workpiece. The concept is only implemented in a corresponding brazing station after the process has been developed. From a simple brazing workstation to a fully automatic brazing station, everything depends entirely on your requirements. Get in touch with us to take the first step in the right direction.

inductive joining

The inductive joining of components in manufacturing technology is a popular method for firmly connecting components to one another. Joining inductively is very economical and can be easily integrated into production lines. The development of your customer-specific processes is the basis for designing the right inductive heating system for joining for you. These can consist of simple devices for heating components, manual workstations or fully automated joining systems. 

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inductive heating

The inductive heating of components has many uses. You can use inductive heating systems in the area of hot forming, repair and laser welding, bonding and stress relief, to name just a few examples. The inductive heating of a workpiece can easily be integrated into a production line. Stand-alone systems are also possible. The development of a functioning process is the basis for finding the right system for you. 

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