Pole coil brazing machine

Pole coil brazing machine

Are you looking for a way to braze pole coils safely and precisely? You can find your solution here. There are two levels of automation available for you. The pole coil brazing device is the cosy way because it is operated manually. You can set them up easily as a swivel arm positions the inductor and press. You can lower the brazed turns manually.

You can work even faster and more precisely with the automatic pole coil brazing system, as it is characterized by short cycle and set-up times as well as high geometric accuracy. The set-up takes place effortlessly through the four brazing towers on the transverse trolleys, each with inductor, pyrometer, press and suction. The brazed turns are conveniently lowered under program control.

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Manual pole coil brazing device

Automatic pole coil brazing system

Special feature



Fixation of the copper conductors



Brazing the turns



User friendly operation

Remote Maintenance



Automatic lowering of the brazed turns